Our hands are essential for our everyday lives to function effectively. Consequently, hand injuries can cause both medical and social problems. They can also have serious economic consequences for the person affected as well as for the employer. Your hands are worth protecting.


Because we use our hands in almost everything we do, they are constantly exposed to a number of risks. Injuries can range from simple cuts, sprains, and strains to burns, crush injuries, damage to tendons, muscles, nerves and blood vessels, as well as injuries caused by vibration.


Your hands and wrists are a complex system of bones, muscles and tendons, ligaments, blood vessels and nerves protected by layers of skin. A total of 27 hand and wrist bones are connected to the muscles by tendons. Ligaments join bones together and hold the joints in place. Blood vessels supply nourishment to all these parts.


Nerves convey sensations and help to control hand and finger movements.


The skin provides a barrier against chemicals, heat, and cold. The skin on the back of the hand is thin and elastic and, on the palm, it is thick to provide traction, cushioning and insulation.


Remember! Your hands are valuable but also vulnerable! If even a small cut makes it difficult and painful to work or play, imagine if you had a serious injury.


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