Case Study


 Safety Leather Hand Gloves serve as an item protective apparel for workers in factories. Hand gloves are various types and size. Fast moving sizes are 14”, 16”, 18” etc. The materials that go in the production of hands gloves vary from cotton fabrics and asbestos to verity of leathers.


However, since supreme the production of Safety Leather Hand Gloves. Amongst leather chrome tanned split leather is predominantly in use possibly because of its cheap price and peculiar qualities needed for hand gloves as compared to other kind of leather.


Chorme tanned split leather imparts special qualities to withstand roughness of the handling material and given enough flexibility and softness for the hand to move in the gloves easily and swiftly while working in the workshop. Such Safety Leather hand gloves are widely used in industry, Railway and Defence. Due to rapid industrialization and expansion of railways the use of safety leather hand gloves are expected to grow considerably.




Looking to the internal and external demand it appears that we are not in a position to cope with the demand and such there is a good scope for starting new units for manufacture of safety leather hand gloves. Fortunately, the raw material is available in the country especially split leather due to increase in production of finished leathers based on hides.


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